Thursday, February 26, 2009

FOSS4G 2009 - Workshops and Tutorial

After much procrastination, some humming and even a little hawing I've finally put in my submission to run a workshop this October at FOSS4G in Sydney. The process is quite painless, requiring only an abstract, description and some details about your presentation experience. Tutorials are also welcome, but act fast as the call for submissions closes on Monday.

Monday, February 23, 2009

PUGs in Paradise

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to present an Introduction to PostGIS talk at the local PostgreSQL Users Group meeting. Having attended all of one meeting previously I knew the technical expertise that attendees were likely to have and was a little apprehensive about the presentation. On the bright side, I also had no expectation that I would be allowed to stick to my slides and was able to save some time in their production as a result.

I wasn't disappointed by the crowd. It more than filled the boardroom at Fujitsu in North Sydney; maybe fifteen people all told. I managed to make it to my third slide before I was sidetracked, leaping half way through the presentation for an example and not getting back on track for ten minutes or so. The group was much more up to speed in the intricacies of spatial data than I had feared and I was able to spend my time in interesting discussions instead of harping on about the basics. I did manage to work through all my slides, but I did so by taking twice the time I was alloted. The discussion continued across the street at the pub, as all such discussions do, though my inability to eat pub fare kept my evening short and somewhat giddy near the end.

I posted the slides on SlideShare and much to my surprise discover I had reached 128 views this morning. It's a small number by any standard, but in the absence of any particular linking (I haven't even blogged about it until today), or any effort at all spent in making it a pleasant read (not a single picture of a cat) it surprised me. I had honestly expected up to fifteen views. It has impressed upon me the need for presentations like this to be available. And now it is. It's a fairly poor presentation when not accompanied by dialogue, but I'm hoping to clean it up in my abundant spare time and turn it into something a little more stand-alone. Until then, comments are always welcome.